200 Rupees Prize Bond 5st Lucky Draw On 17 September 2012 List

First Prize of Rs.750,000 /-


Second Prize of Rs.Rs.250,000/- each.

  192784 457201 718726 835889 874880

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Most Important Google Search Syntax

In Google, as with any search engine, sometimes you can easily find what you are looking for and then there are those times you can’t. It has been estimated that Google’s search index has over 23,633,010,000 results.  That’s a lot to navigate through it you need to find a particular item. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone would show you advanced search techniques to show you how to really Continue reading

What Is C Class IP?

If you see any IP address it’s divided in to 4 parts – 111.222.333.444. Third section is called Class IP.

What’s the importance of C class IP in SEO?

In the era of spam, many webmasters started creating multiple website on same server and linked each other to increase the sites backlink and ranking. Search Engines identified this issue and started avoiding links coming from similar IPs – given its easy to get different D Continue reading

5 Militants Killed in kamra air base attack

ATTOCK: Militants attacked Pakistan Air Force Kamra Airbase in Attock in the early hours of Thursday. Sources said that up to ten militants were estimated to have attacked the base from Pind Salman Makhan village at around 2:30 am.  According to one source, the attackers were wearing military uniforms when they entered the base. When security officials at the check-post attempted to halt them, Continue reading