Jamhoriat Ya Khilafat By Ansar Abbasi

ansar abbasi column


7 thoughts on “Jamhoriat Ya Khilafat By Ansar Abbasi

  1. Alhumdullilah somebody has courage to say something among the Pakistani Journalists.

    These are not only the Muslim countries, run by the Secularists are quiet on the Egyptian atrocities, even the most respected country, as Saudi Arabia and all the other Gulf States, which are run by the monarch’s have shown their utmost hypocrisy towards the injustices done to Muslims in Egypt.

  2. Khilafat is the only right system for all Muslims . People just need to understand that democracy was never our system and it will give us nothing . Democracy is just dividing the Muslim states

  3. I was thought wrong about Ansar Abbasi before but now I got and also I request to write same true lines also about the Taliban which are in Triable areas who made our life more dangrouse then any part of the world. Thanks Ansar Abbasi sahab

  4. Muslim countries ka jab zikar rahe thay to un me se Iran ka naam to nikal dete sir. Iran k naam use karne ki wajah se baat ka wazan kuch kam ho gaya, baaqi aap ne bilkul theek kaha, Allah apko istiqamat de.

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