drawmohammed.com Hacked BY Muslim Hackers

drawmohammed.com Hacked BY Muslim Hackers Named Cyber Warrior TIM for Islam. They Claim that they belongs from Turkey. They Canceled the “DRAW MOHAMMED”event & post their Own Message at homepage. Allah Hu Akbar.


5 thoughts on “drawmohammed.com Hacked BY Muslim Hackers

  1. It figures that they’d use censorship rather than open, free discussion – the sort of tactics we’ve seen ever since this event was announced. The guy could have done a better job though – nice colour and image scheme and impressive layout but the text sounds somewhat incoherent and doesn’t offer any kind of logical counterargument. Oh well, EDMD was surprisingly successful after only a month of preparation, most of the side-groups are still up and pictures are still being posted, and we’ll be more prepared next year. Peace!


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