Jazz Apna Hai New Tag line

Mobilink Changed Their Tag line to Jazz Apna Hai from No samjhota. No Confirm reason available still in market that why they changed tag line while its become famous. Two reasons in market are as follows: 1. PTA may be force Mobilink to take samjhota & change tag line because Mobilink quality was not according to their Tag line2. It may be a Management Decision to change it.


One thought on “Jazz Apna Hai New Tag line

  1. Pakistani ad agencies have won laurels across the world due to their creativity and novelty.Why mobilink showed utter distrust on Pakistani actors, actresses, and ad agencies is an open secret now.Talking of patriotism in an ad made by Indians is ironical to say the least.Mobilink must realize that Pakistanis especially urban ones are quite well informed and literate and they cannot digest these glaring contradictions so easily.Being a Pakistani I would like to see actors and actresses from my own country projecting a product/service.We must realize that we do not lag behind Indians in this field either.

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